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  • Welcome to Therapy that Changes your Body's Natural Role to Act (out/inward) triggered to Perform!

    Please stop retelling “The Story” until your body’s Role in how to cope physically has been treated FIRST successfully!

    Trauma-Informed and what Brain-Hacks are For….

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling Services

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling Services

    Insurance Accepted via Telehealth or In-Person at The Brain-Hack Cafe in Morrisville, PA 

    the Deer-Me Share

    the Deer-Me Share

    The original draft of the story I wrote in an email called, "Deer-Me", that I used to guide my own healing and later during the pandemic was shared with my clients that then turned into my brain-hack called, "The Neurodi-Way"

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    The Brain-Hack Cafe Shop

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    Meet Your Clinician

    Melissa A. Tatar- Pickersgill aka ms MISSY ms (she, her, hers) is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mind-Body Psychotherapist, with a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, is Board Certified as a National Certified Counselor, is NARM I informed, is a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner, a Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner, and she completed the Certificate in Trauma Stress Studies program from the Trauma Research Center in Boston, MA. In addition to Emotionally Rewired, LLC, Missy founded the Brain-Hack Cafe in the spring of 2023 with the mission to provide more people the opportunity to trauma interventions that also prevent future emotional trauma! Everyone should have access to this transformative treatment so the Cafe is her first try to get the tricks and tips that work best to others seeking interventions without having to do the talk therapy part of it! 

    CV can be found by clicking on the link below

    ms MISSY ms [Melissa Tatar-Pickersgill M.S., LPC, NCC, BSP, CCTP] is the owner/founder of the Brain-Hack Cafe by Emotionally Rewired, LLC.  She specializes in Autism, ADHD,  PTSD, Addiction Management, Chronic Illness/Pain, as well as designs Education and Emotional Trauma Prevention Products [Children & Adults]. 

    ms MISSY’s respect for the power of knowledge is her reason to intentionally provide clinical psycho-education at each therapy session so the client has an informed choice to explore within their mind’s beliefs to feel right about which direction in therapy to proceed. Clients are taught, for example, about how their nervous system evolves over the lifespan, adapting strategies to survive the brain’s predicted to happen threats and hopes that if disappoints the mind, can often lead to a misidentified devalued trust of oneself…..hence interesting behaviors may arrise. 

    No need to be concerned because neuroscience has provided clinicians with the brain-codes to hack pass the toxic shame and blame that blocks the brain to process what really happened, the whole story, through the mind’s natural process to judge the “what really happened” properly and the “how-to-guidance” to update the software of your brain’s nervous system’s strategies to prime or prevent future emotional trauma. Brain-hacks, then can be said to get the body’s memories up into the brain to be finally put to rest. Thus, they are the brain’s natural prescription that just might hand back to your mind the remote control to your emotions. 

    Our first Physical Location Just Opened @

    The Brain-Hack Cafe House of Neurodi & a home to all Deer-Me Believers

    ms MISSY ms accepts clients seeking mental health therapy at Emotionally Rewired, LLC. [a virtual online practice in PA]. Her other services at the cafe are cash only and or by appointment because the cafe offers Clinical Counseling Consultation Workshops. It is a no talk therapy, no weekly commitments option for the general public to seek emotion regulation supports because the products sold at the cafe is your only other opportunity to get the same emotional regulation brain-hacks I provide my private clients. 

    Anger Management.    Autism.   Child & Adolescent Therapy.    Counseling for Friends & Family of Addicts     Counseling for New Mothers.    Counseling for Trauma.     Emotion-Focused Therapy.   Mindfulness Health & Wellness Coaching.     Mindfulness-Based Therapy.   Pet Loss.     Telehealth.      Therapy for Chronic Illness  Therapy for Teens        LGBTQIA+ Individual Therapy.    Group Therapy 

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