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  • Deer-Me

    Draft #1 Deer Me…a book and charity about “crazy good” by Missy and the hidden 6th witness, miss Emma Pickersgill (age 11).


    Many people believe that a deer’s appearance before a human symbolizes God’s recognition of that person’ kindness; yet when nature anoints a person or their property with deer’s blood accompanied with a miracle, it must be a precursor to an awakening. What is more inspiring than a deer who channeled Houdini and backflipped miraculously over my backyard’s fence, thus saving his life while forever changing mine?  It’s true…three police officers witnessed it too…one held a riffle, another held a bow and arrow, but all of us held the intention to end humanly the deer’s suffering.  Well, that deer has since altered my perception towards impossible situations and their solutions. Society is the witness who influences individuals with out consequence. Yet, the deer demonstrated to us that day that witnesses are also influenced; because, the deer demonstrated before our eyes with auspicious resolve that he held the power over his destiny, regardless of real or perceived variables within his environment. The deer chose life, and in doing so, initiated a crazy good action that ensured it, in opposition to witnesses’ or mother nature’s laws.  Dumb luck? Okay!  To me it’s “deer me” and/or “crazy good”, my two “phrase reminders” that hope is real….self-empowered by our own mind, body, and spirit!  

    The Story:

    Oh the deer knew…he knew that the penalty of a failed jump could mean death.  The beautiful young short racked buck was stuck literally to my back yard’s four foot fence.  He stood trapped there for five hours during that early morning in November until a neighbor’s dog barked an alarm which alerted his owner.  My good-willed neighbor called the police; however, the role of official deer executioner belonged to me. No person, not even a police officer can enter my property and kill anything on it with out my, the owner’s, permission.  Reluctantly, I submitted to police protocol, and approved access to my property to the police officer who startled me, when he appeared in the doorway of my house’s already opened side door.  

    My daughter’s friend’s mother was just leaving after dropping off her daughter at my house. She was at my house before school, because I provided insurance that her daughter would get onto the school bus. Like too many young children, the girl suffered from an anxiety disorder, and my belief is that even in the 21st century, more so, it takes a village to raise a child.  I did not want my charge or my daughter to be exposed to the horror I had just authorized, so I kindly asked that they remained in the house. However, the young girl did watch from my back door’s window, in which counted her as witness number five. 

    As the police officer and I waited for his two officer colleagues to arrive, I walked up to the deer as close as he permitted me.  I knew when to stop, because he tried to leap forward. The sounds of his movements reminded me of the startling banging I had heard earlier in the night that woke me up.  The unfamiliar racket also prompted our neighborhood’s doggie orchestra to howl in their highest octave, to the neighborhood’s misfortune, their favorite symphony that I named, “there is a stranger outside”. 

    I decided to take a photo of the buck with my phone and then we both stood silently as I stared into his large black eyes.  In doing so, I felt immediately connected to him.  Not knowing why, I began to pray for him to be set free and his wounds to be healed. It’s interesting, because I felt the contradiction of my effort, due to the fact that the police were currently at that time driving to my home to solve my backyard problem, him.  

    Well, even though the deer’s previous attempts to free himself have been futile, and his human witnesses’ solution to his ordeal unbeknown to him, little was I aware that, the young buck was a crazy good escapee who’s peers never conditioned him to surrender hope. 

    As the three police officers talked amongst themselves about the safest method to euthanize the injured deer, he began again to exhibit his gotta flee dance.  Swoosh, boom, bang, swoosh, bang bang!  Those were indeed the same loud sounds that had wakened  me in the very early hours, around 3am, and thus confirmed to me that he had been attached to my fence for five hours.  

    A clear shiny saliva dripped from the tired buck’s mouth as his desire to flee heightened in sync with the efforts of the officers’ establishing their positions.  One officer loaded his riffle and another prepared his bow and arrow, but a shot of anxiety only was injected into the deer by his fear of the officers as they stepped forward and approached him.  

    The deer sensed danger, evident by how he danced more fervently, kicking his front legs up and out forward with more determined force then previously seen to unhinge himself from his self inflicted trap. Unfortunately, his right hind leg, uplifted behind him almost to a level height adjacent to his back, was much too entangled within the fence’s bars. From his stuck wounded leg, a thick gelatin like bright reddish-pink blood oozed slowly onto the black fence and dirt ground below. Hopefully, the adrenalin that rushed through out his body numbed his pain as his bones bent beyond fracture limits. And yet somehow, only his entangled leg remained fractured as he continued to thrash violently his body up and down with a similar agility to that of a joyful child waving a rubber chicken. 

    And then he stopped thrashing, and his body stiffened. 

    The deer stood motionless, with his eyes focused forward gazing into blank space.  Do deers contemplate?  The look upon his face painted an expression like he had just had an epiphany.  And, after I witnessed his actions that followed, it’s very possible to believe he had. 

    The deer’s flee dance was not given up on entirely, as he stood upright on his one hind leg, which then initiated his final struggle for escape. He modified his dance’s momentum to propel himself into an evolved direction. Instead of only thrusting his body forward, he now swung his body to the right side of himself, until he faced and clenched his trap, my fence.  

    To achieve successfully his goal’s new direction, while literally still stuck to a metal fence, the buck physically and psychologically twisted himself unlike he ever had to, and most likely will again. Deers are unapt backflippers, but his instincts navigated him to think outside of the box and to move himself upside down into the unknown. 

    The buck’s will to live was strong, and so were his legs. Two front hoofs were now both positioned firmly on the top bar of the fence behind him and in close proximity to the right of the deer’s backside.  Once awkwardly positioned, the U shaped buck kicked up off the ground with his only available leg.  He must have pushed himself up along the fence with his front legs, because the speed of his back leg was equal to that of my grandmother’s painfully slowly lifting leg as she climbed into my car. 

    My best educated guess is that “the force was with him”.With three police officers and a young girl as my fellow witnesses, I do swear that the buck positioned himself miraculously somehow so he was suspended upside down, just inches above and parallel to my fence’s spikes.  It felt to me that time froze for us all. 

    A stillness that lasted long enough for much unease and a chill to shiver my body whole, as I watched him wrestle his weak broken leg against the strength of gravity’s force.  All three of his free legs were pointed straight up skyward, as his body hovered in the air splendidly for a few moments longer, anchored and held up there by his disability.   

    “Please O’please do not fall….please do not impale yourself upon my fence with your legs sprawled out like an oddity”, my inner voice screamed.  Shock flowed through my veins, so I was physically paralyzed, and thus, unable to open my mouth to speak.  So in that moment,  two events occurred simultaneously to me that, indeed, are once in a lifetime experiences.  

    What I witnessed next, was a miracle. Unbelievable and unexplainable define how the deer landed on all four legs, as well as on the other side of my fence. The action, which enabled his release, occurred so quickly that even though my eyes were transfixed upon the deer during his entire backflip, I honestly can not explain how his entangled leg became unhinged. It was dislodged with lightning speed as the deer twisted his body perpendicular to the fence and then dropped his body backwards. 

    The buck, unburdened by human reasoning, resumed immediately his survival protocol after landing feet first, so he ran.  

    Like the limp limb of a doll, the buck’s injured hind leg hung loose as he dragged it effortlessly underneath his body behind him. A moment of silence and reflection was honored subconsciously by us all in reverence to the event that we all had just witnessed. In other words, we were all too dumb struck to speak, so we stood there in silence until one officer stuttered, “Did that just happen, and where did he go?”  His fellow officer answered that he ran off and pointed his finger towards the direction in which the deer ran.  

    However, as the officer was speaking, the deer reappeared, and within a surprised tone of voice, the same officer yelled out, “there…he is over there!”  The beautiful brave young buck was in my neighbor’s yard.  He walked cautiously towards our direction and stopped at the fence, which provided a barrier between us.  

    As I watched the deer, I noticed that he was looking directly at me. My heart began to race as we locked eyes for one last time.  Yet, he astonished me further when he honored me with a respectful nod of his head in acknowledgement.  I replied back to him in same. 

    The buck then turned around and, with the grace of a free deer, he quickly moved forward.  Wow!  Deer me, the buck had taken a leap of faith!  But most impressive was that he believed in the weakest part of himself to be strong enough to hold himself up, when his very life depended upon it. 

    To me, I had just witnessed crazy good thinking followed by crazy good action; but to my fellow young lady witness, she insisted that it must have had something to do with the Illuminati.  I agreed, but with it’s original meaning and responded, ” yes, very enlightening!”

    The End….Happy Thanksgiving! Yours, Missy

    The Deer-Me Brain-Hack Share Steps:

    1. Society is the witness who influences individuals without consequence

    2. The deer knew his power over his destiny, real or perceived variables

    3. MISSY’s reluctant submission to choose against her own will’s intentions [peer pressure]

    4. Attachment/attunement is made via eye contact

    5. MISSY said a prayer for her “intention” for the deer to be healed

    6. The deer never surrendered hope

    7. The deer moved into an evolved (reversed) direction

    8. The deer physically and psychologically twisted himself, unlike he had ever likely had before and will likely do again [msMISSYms writing brain-hacks]

    9. The deer trusted his instincts to think outside the box

    10. The deer blind-trust-placed in himself to move forward upside down into the unknown

    11. When frustrated, he slowed down

    12. The deer was not encumbered by human reasoning, so he resumed his survival protocol (acted out)

    13. The deer took a leap of faith as he had to believe in the weakest part of himself to be strong enough, good enough, to hold himself up (he did not misperceive his broken leg as a weakness and or as not useful)

    THE NEURODI-WAY [Brain-Hack]

    by msMISSYms

    The child places one hand out to their side for their self-defined as a negative belief say, I am always bad, and then takes their other hand out to the other side of the body to represent the impossible to be true, to them, belief that is their believed to be opposite say, I am always good. The purpose of the hand positions is for the eye to follow the peripheral field of vision to scoop up the seen and unseen brain spots (in the subcortical brain) to include all of the child’s known sense of being bad and (blinded to) known felt sense of being good memories, self-selected by the child’s brain’s natural ability to calculate, which is fair (anger happy) and not therapist directed (doubt-approved).

    The child literally moves their hand out to the side of the body your child has chosen to represent the side for either their positive or the negative thought.

    Invite the child to look from one hand to the other. I welcome you to try testing out here Monalisa eyes [meaning to have fun shifting the eyes back and forth to see their hands. Notice the speed at which the eyes move then, if curious, test moving them again but moving them using the opposite speed, for example if you noticed you shifted your eyes quickly first then the second time try moving your eyes side to side but very slowly, then note the differences]

    The child then moves their hands at whatever speed the child prefers until s/he claps them together [smashed together if wanted] in the front of their face’s forehead to represent honor to oneself, as a whole person made up of many emotions.

    At this time during the hack, you are welcomed to add a positive direct suggestion also referred to as an affirmation. The newly felt sense of harmony is achieved in the mind-body alliance due to the intention [new belief of the belief driven hack] that the child’s truth is really to be found somewhere in between all of the memories smashed up between their two pressed-together hands. Hence

    With prayer hands pressing against the forehead, please welcome your child to state the following words internally or out loud: the truth is somewhere in-between. I will know when it is time for me to know.

    The neurodi-way is the way or truth-felt-lived-as way for how us neurodivergent calculate the facts/evidence/variables taken from our personal stories and processes the information using an ADHD booster, which means the booster is now utilized as an advantage and not dismissed as a disability to fix. If you honor how you were made by understanding how you were made then you can use these findings to your advantage, of course that is if you can do the mental work so shame rewires how it allocates its concepts to blame then pain/punish such whatever shame. Multicultural counseling encourages me to enter the worldview of my client by testing out ways to see how life is lived-as through the lens of my client. It is wrong, to me, to assume the client is to only know their life is right when lived-felt-defined-as what I believe to be a true representation of what I think is normal for them.

    Thus, a less fixed belief to the child’s original meaning is hopefully created into a new belief that more than one of a child’s felt sense of self memories as a good and as a bad person can indeed co-exist or be smashed up into something that is a lived-felt-as true (providing evidence that a grey-thinking possibility can exist too) so the child’s mind and body can feel to be on the same page in harmony with each other. [utilized and taught to clients in practice to improve the relationship the child has with their identity/self because a positive relationship with oneself and with others increases the child’s self-worth mood/happiness/engagement/connection]

    The child then moves their prayer hands in a downward direction [ritual] from their head to their chest to place them both flat onto their heart’s home space known energetically as the place where one’s intention pulses.

    I have witnessed my youngest neurodi wiggle their bodies [noodle] as they do this smash-up, it is so adorable to watch in children how the child’s brain hacks the brain-hacks to make them into their own strategies.

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